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Kimberly is a certified Pilates instructor since 2008 and teaches an energetic yet mindful Pilates class.  If your looking for a workout that brings your best self try her classes.  Mat and Reformer available. She is currently at World Gym.


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If you are interested in natural remedies with no side affects then you might want to give essential oils a go. Kimberly will provide samples in her class and if interested teach you how to empower yourself.  For more information go to


Kimberly Peterson has been teaching the Alexander Technique for over 20 years and is  ATI certified.She has worked with a variety of people across America from New York to San Diego and at the exclusive resort spa,Rancho La Puerto. She specializes in chronic pain and injuries including back/neck pain, sciatica, and carpel tunnel. Kimberly believes in aging well and is able to improve balance, coordination and posture in ageing adults. 

 Kimberly is a trained modern/ballet dancer and earned her B.A. in Dance from Cal State Long Beach and works with dancers to enhance their technique. Kimberly has a passion that reaches her clients through her teaching and well-being.


The Alexander Technique teaches better use of the self.  We are habitual in our use which may cause discomfort and pain, the Alexander Technique re-educates,  finds ease and decreases muscular tension.

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Kimberly Peterson Alexander Technique